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TRYING to lose weight SUCKS!  Losing weight itself ―that’s not so bad.  In fact, it’s kind of fun in the end to see the pounds dropping off on a daily basis.  It’s TRYING to lose weight that I hate.  I hate starving all day and then weighing more than the day before.  WTF???  What HAPPENED?!?!??  Check out these pics when my husband and I were at our heaviest.

Todd & Chris Before

And now: Staying Healthy Together

Want to know how I lost 65+ pounds and my hubby 133 pounds over the course of a year?  The secret to losing weight starts with a low-carb diet. Lose pounds fast and reset your metabolism and then using what you learned about food & eating to create a healthy lifestyle to maintain your health AND weight!

Although you can lose weight fast on a low-carb keto diet without hunger, there really is no super fast fix for weight loss.  We started with HCG and ended up over the last 2 years, modifying that to a healthy ketogenic lifestyle with moderate exercise.

**No humans were harmed with the strenuous and insane amounts of exercise in the losing of hundreds of pounds over the course of a year.

Meet Chris


Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself (or your spouse), “Do I look fat?” Or worse, have you looked at a picture of yourself and not even recognized it?

Do I Look Fat?

Hi! I’m Chris Bennett, creator of this site and chronic health nut. I’ve looked at the picture on the left hundreds of times (my husband took the pic at Starbucks, one day, while we were working… more on that later*). And, nine times out of ten, I wonder: “Do I look FAT?”

Anyway, this pic was taken a couple of months ago after I’d lost over 65 pounds. I didn’t have to worry about weight loss and health until after my 3rd child and the divorce that ensued. At one point in my life, I was at my lowest, feeling the most unattractive and hating it. I wasn’t really in a position to do anything about it until I finally decided that I’ve had enough. I wanted to find a solution that GUARANTEED weight loss, if I’d just follow a plan (following a plan is my strong suit).

The problem is that there are so many pills and potions out there, it’s just hard to figure out what’s right and what will work for you. I’m here to tell you though that I have never been happier than when I finally took control of my weight loss, health and destiny.

A Little History & How I Got To Be Fat

I grew up in a strict religious environment where my parents struggled to feed and clothe us. I am one of 5 kids, the oldest. As an adult, I worked in IT as a Software Analyst and Tester for 13 years and started my own business after that – consulting mostly.

I’ve lived all over the US ―in N. Ireland and Panama― and love travelling and reading (I know, I know… a lot of sitting on your butt).

Toward the end of a fairly uneventful 10 year stint of marriage, things started getting stressful. And if you don’t already know this: STRESS = FAT. More than any other factor in causing diseases and weight gain, stress causes all kinds of reactions in your body that I was generally unaware of and leads to fat, fat, fat. So when my ex left me and the kids (in Panama no less) and we divorced, the fat started piling on. When he realized that I wasn’t coming back, he went a little crazy (think Protective Order), and the kids and I ended up in the address protection program to keep us safe. More stress. More fat.

The final straw for me was my ex taking down all my clients’ websites; thus destroying my income and business. Now in addition to everything else, add the stress of not knowing HOW I’d feed my kids. Of course my family made sure we didn’t starve or anything. But during all this was I losing weight like crazy? Nooooooooooooo, I was GAINING because of the stress. If you have some picture in your head of a fat lazy woman living off of the welfare system then think again.

I’ve always been interested in the health and well being of my family and even during the most stressful times, I paid attention to generally accepted nutritional guidelines. I wasn’t hanging out in front of the tv day in and day out eating Dorritos (well not EVERY day anyway 😉 ). That’s when I reached the lowest points of my life – feeling helpless, overweight and generally discouraged, sad and scared.

I tell you all of this to emphasize the point that you can be doing EVERYTHING “right” and STILL gain weight. And yet even after gaining 65 extra pounds, I DID manage to bounce back. I went on to rebuild my business, lose all the weight and find the love of my life.

I hope that when you take a look at Skinny Hacks you’ll come to the same understanding that I finally did…Generally accepted nutritional guidelines are not helping you lose weight. In fact if you consumed everything that the USDA suggests in the widely referenced food pyramid scheme, you will most likely end up just like I did: FAT.

Also I hope you’ll realize that you can overcome ANY hurdle to lose the weight and become healthy again. If I was able to do it – YOU CAN TOO.

Chris Bennett - The 411

A Pictorial History

*Why does the Starbucks pic above have a blurry background? My husband snapped a few shots of me at Starbucks – we work there a lot – and the manager came out with gun’s ablazin’. “I’m sorry but you can’t take pictures of the merchandise!” Todd and I looked at each other blankly and he said, “I’m taking pictures of HER, not your coffee.” Nevertheless we had to vacate Starbucks that day. I thought the guy was going to try and get us to expose our digital film!! ;)

Meet Todd


I grew up in South America and Mexico because my dad managed mines and they put mines in countries like Columbia and Mexico and not in the middle of civilized places like Portland or Toledo. Mining is like the military sometimes – we moved around a lot – finally landing in Boulder City, Nevada – a small town right outside of Las Vegas.

Not that small town where prostitution is legal, the OTHER small town outside of Las Vegas, they built the Hoover Dam – get back on track here! I graduated from the University of Las Vegas Nevada with an MIS degree because I knew that my destiny was tied to computers when I blew my first one up at age 18.

Todd - Code Wrangler!

Guess I can’t leave you hanging there, huh? Yeah, I took my very first computer apart at 18 to install a 5.25″ floppy drive (remember those?) and in a fit of frustration hit the power button one too many times and BOOM – the power supply blew up and all the magic smoke was let out of my beloved 2 week old Packard Bell. Luckily that was back in the days of Circuit City so I took it back and they exchanged it right on the spot. I knew then that I would forever be involved with computers.

After working 7 years programming in a php shop in Las Vegas, they moved onto java and I moved on to my own company. Now I work from Starbucks or home or wherever it suits.

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