Diagnosed With Celiac

If you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease, you know that a gluten-free diet is your key to improving your digestive health, your nutritional absorption and the resulting mental clarity. Going gluten-free can seem like a difficult path that keeps much-loved bread and baked treats off your plate, but this diet change will make a huge […]

Do You Need To Be Gluten Free?

Is almost everyone you know trying to be gluten free these days? Are you wondering if you should get on a gluten free diet, too? Although all of us would have healthier diets if we reduced the amount of bread and baked goodies we eat each day, dietary gluten itself isn’t harmful for most people. […]

Unraveling The Low Carb Weight Loss Plateau

The first few weeks on a low-carb diet certainly provides the weight loss results that encourages you to stay in the course. After the initial breakthroughs, you might find that the weight loss is less dramatic, or even barely measurable. Here’s why your low-carb diet isn’t continuing to perform the way you’d hoped – and […]

Diabetes and Indian Food

The typical American diet continues to be center of attention in discussions on worrisome health conditions in the US like obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Turning to the cuisines of countries where these health conditions are not as widespread can be a helpful strategy, but even those diets require scrutiny regarding their health benefits. Medical […]

Polyunsaturated Fats Help Control Prediabetes

According the Centers on Disease Control, 86 million US adults over 20 have been diagnosed as prediabetic. With above-normal blood glucose levels, many prediabetic patients are likely to develop type 2 diabetes over time. Prediabetes can follow one of two types of health conditions. In one type, the livers inefficiently absorbs glucose. In the second […]

Reducing Diabetes and Heart Disease Risk Factors through Mindful Eating

Behavioral weight management programs often do not include training in mindful eating, but perhaps they should. According to new research findings that show improvements in blood glucose and cholesterol levels by incorporating mindful eating into weight loss intervention. A study at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of California – San Francisco, […]

Healthy Weight Loss with Type 2 Diabetes

If you are contending with 2 diabetes and weight problems, you’re not alone –not by a long shot. About eighty percent of people with type 2 diabetes struggle with excess weight, making it more difficult to control their blood sugar levels. Uncontrolled obesity over time greatly increases the chances of developing type 2 diabetes, according […]

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