“I’ve never felt better and happier in my life.”, Chris says. She’s been doing Keto for over 4 years now and has lost a total of 38 lbs (and kept it off!). Unlike all the other diets, she finally found one which was based on science and sanity. She adds, “It’s insane how effective this can be.”

Chris remembers when there were years of her life where she had a zero to a few pictures because she hated the way she looked. Also, she always felt tired and did not have the energy to play with her kids – more so head to the gym and work out. After being alarmed by her weight and possible health risks, she decided that enough was enough.

Chris wanted to lose weight but at the same time live a much healthier lifestyle.  Aside from losing all the weight, it brought her A1C blood levels from Diabetic (6.5%) to Normal (5.2%).  It’s been a life changing journey her but it has been a long and tough one too. Chris says, “I’m a happier and healthier version of myself and I’m so glad I took the first step.

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