One does not have to attend a class to know about the common mistakes on a low Carb diet. Carb as it is referred in this context refers to food nutrient (carbohydrate) present in foods like potatoes, bread, pun cakes etc. The following are the common mistakes about low cab diet.

Getting the wrong information – Some individuals assume that eating low Carb diet simply means eating meat every day. This is wrong; everybody requires knowledge on how to reduce carbohydrates, the foods that have carbohydrates and eating a low carb diet.

Surrendering in the middle of the process – There are a variety of approaches to low carb dieting and there are problems at the beginning. It is important to figure out which approach is good for you to avoid giving up in the middle of the process. Some of the complication that arises for example Carb crash scares a lot of people hence they back down at the beginning.

Lack of sufficient fat This could be mistaken for a low carb diet as a result of thinking that low carb means low fat. At the start, people can manage low fat dieting but as time goes this will lead to them using up their own body fat hence getting hungry very fast. Therefore it is important to add fat to your body while on low carb diet.

Lack of enough vegetables in the diet – While dieting on low Carb diet some people tend to forget including vegetables and fruits in their diet. This will be disastrous in the end because vegetables and fruits should be eaten in large quantities by one dieting on low carb especially fruits that are low in sugar.

Too much eating – It is of no use to count the amount of calories in a low carb diet. This does not mean that one has to keep on eating and eating just because he or she is eating foods that are low in carb. You are advised to only eat when one is hungry and stop when satisfied.

Poor planning – Sticking in a new eating programme sometimes might be a problem and one might find himself or herself doing what they used to do before. Therefore one is advised to plan before hand to facilitate free adoption of the new eating habit which means you will know what to eat and when to eat what.

Use of low carb packaged foods – When buying low carb foods that are packaged it is of great importance to understand the ingredients. Most of them contain maltitol which is bad sugar that is not required by a lot of bodies. Therefore this packaged low carb foods need to undergo careful experiments.

Lack of variety – Most people might find limited variety of foods that are low carb yet there are plenty, the only thing to avoid in low cab diet is sugar and starch. Every cuisine in the planet has a low carb variety; also most dishes can be decarbed.

Insufficient fiber in the diet – Eating of vegetables and fruits help in ensuring that one eats enough quantities of fiber. But forgetting or skipping to eat vegetables and fruits reduces the level of fiber intake in the body and this can be disastrous in the long run.

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