If you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease, you know that a gluten-free diet is your key to improving your digestive health, your nutritional absorption and the resulting mental clarity. Going gluten-free can seem like a difficult path that keeps much-loved bread and baked treats off your plate, but this diet change will make a huge difference in your quality of life in many ways.

Dietary restrictions often lead people to be more conscious about what they eat generally, and many start to replace unhealthy food choices with exceptionally good ones. Apart from the gluten free substitutes for the carbs you used to eat, this is the time you can open your palate up to taste delightful textures of fresh food. Those vegetables you once merely glanced at in the produce section of the supermarket might start to look more enticing. A whole world of salads and light sautees come into your meals like wonderful new friends. Soon enough, getting your daily dose of fruits and veggies is easier than, well, pie!

Don’t be surprised if your inner chef emerges – yes, the one you never knew existed! Necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes, and soon enough you’ll want to go beyond the gluten-free mixes and ready-to-eat options in your local grocery store. Experimenting with new ingredients, recipes and techniques is a fun challenge of going gluten-free. Bringing your tasty inventions to potlucks and work lunches for others to enjoy further fuels your imagination and drive to build a wonderful gluten-free repertoire.

After a short time, as the exhaustion, fuzzy headedness and stomach woes you used to experience are replaced by mental clarity, lightness and ease, you’ll probably start looking for more activities to use all the extra energy you have. Your old workout routine just wouldn’t feel satisfying any more. So what’s next? Martial arts, belly dancing, hiking, surfing? Many new challenges are within reach for you now – find out more about them and try something new!

CeliacIncreased mental clarity and less time sleeping is a life change whose benefits cannot be overstated. The feeling of being fully awake, perhaps for the first time as long as you can remember, opens many vistas in your life. For example, morning becomes a new frontier in your daily life. Instead of getting up at the latest possible time to get to work, you’ll have the energy and desire to make mornings a truly pleasurable time of the day. A morning walk and delicious wholesome breakfast sound better to you than a few extra winks.

Your work and study will undergo a drastic change for the better. Researching and poring through books and reports go faster, as your reading comprehension and retention improve. Once you gain more confidence in your increased mental clarity, you’ll find yourself taking on bigger challenges at work or school.

What’s more, this diet change can work miracles on your relationships and social life. After work and in the evenings, passive ways of passing time (like flopping on the couch and channel surfing) give way to more active, social pursuits – a Zumba class or book club – or making meaningful connections through calls, chats and emails to loved ones.

More energy and no longer feeling sick extends your day well past your previous bedtime. Imagine transformation to your career and social life when it’s easy for you to attend parties, work-related social and networking events or just burn the midnight oil.

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