In today’s society, many Americans and people from all over the globe consider pills being the main factor in keeping their diabetes under control.

Although almost everybody understands that diet is important to control diabetes, just how important is it?

According to 24 experts on the subject, dieting should be the first action that people should take to treat diabetes.

Low carb diets such as Atkins, Ketogenic and a modified version of the Paleo diet could be a more effective line of defense in treating diabetes.

But why?

After analyzing a range of data from various studies, the 24 experts came to the conclusion that a low-carb diet is the best treatment due to its effect in reducing pro-inflammatory blood sugar rises without the negative side effects of drugs. (not to mention the cost!)

A registered dietitian, Dr. Jeff Volek and a bariatric surgeon, Dr.Westman both agree that a carbohydrate restriction is a reliable way to reduce high blood glucose.

So, a low-carb, high fat diet can help your diabetes… surely that’s enough reason to switch?

If not, we have even more health benefits for you.

Clinical trials have shown that these diets can reduce the risk of heart disease, slow cellular aging, it can also help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and cancer as it reduces pro-inflammatory blood sugar spikes throughout the day and furthermore can accelerate weight loss!

In conclusion, Dieting is a BIG factor in diabetes and weight loss combined. Just what you’re here for, right?

Take a look through the range of low carb, higher fat diets that are available, choose one and commit for 30 days. It may not be the new year anymore but losing weight, becoming healthier and aiding your diabetes, we hope, is a good enough reason.

Let us know how you get on or if you’ve decided to commit!

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