As a woman living with diabetes, maintaining a healthy weight is likely on your mind every day. Your medical practitioner has calibrated the right insulin dosage to allow your body to metabolize food and maintain your water balance. Still, it’s hard to keep your weight where you want it. Maybe you’ve heard that quick weight loss is possible by temporarily reducing insulin, and maybe you’ve even tried it, only to find that the weight comes back with a vengeance after you return to your normal dosage.

Insulin Roulette is a No-Win
Reducing insulin raises blood glucose and results in dehydration — a truly unhealthy state that looks like weight loss. That higher blood glucose level also makes you hungrier, but without the insulin level it needs your undernourished body craves more food, and your hunger compels you to eat more. Plus, keeping your blood glucose high exposes you to long-term, even life-threatening diabetes complications.

It’s only temporary, right? After your quick weight loss, you go back to your normal insulin dose. Then, you start over-retaining water to make up for the dehydration, another unhealthy state that looks like weight gain. Plus, you’ve begun to eat more and the normal insulin intake metabolizes all the extra food.

Manipulating your insulin dosage does not help you manage your weight – because insulin in itself doesn’t cause weight gain. Understanding and working with the real factors around weight maintenance will bring you the results you seek.

Mindful Health Awareness Trumps Weight Obsession
The first place to start is an honest inquiry into why you want to lose weight: is it entirely about your health, or are you, like many women, driven by the desire to be thin? The ideal of slenderness has become an obsession supporting a giant industry feeding upon women’s our lack of self acceptance.

Self acceptance and knowledge are the cornerstones of self care: mindfully choosing fact-finding over societal pressure helps you build a beautiful life of balance and vibrant health, including a lifestyle that naturally maintains a healthy weight.

I am Woman, I Store Fat
Let’s start with our ideas about healthy weight. Women’s hormones tend more toward fat formation, whereas men’s hormones encourage muscle formation. Over the millennia, this important capacity to store energy via fat reserves allowed women to persevere through hard times of drought to continue to care for our families and nurse babies.
In recent times any and all fat has been perceived as unattractive and unwanted. Defying this senseless, unnatural idea gives you the right space for thinking about maintaining a healthy weight and self-acceptance.

Self Care Trumps Insulin Roulette
Going up and down with your insulin levels may give you short-term weight loss, at high risk to your well being. Adopting the right self care practices, based on deep self acceptance and love, brings long term results that make you happier and healthier.

Changing your diet habits is an act of self love, not deprivation. Just knowing you need to cut fat and sugar from your diet, and eat smaller, more frequent meals may not get you to make the change.

Here’s a tip: spend some time on yourself first. Apply your favorite lipstick or nail polish. Moisturize your hands and feet with a lovely skin cream, and brush your hair. Go ahead and change into a blouse or dress you love. Look in the mirror, wink and say, “Hello, beautiful!”

Now look online or into your cookbooks to find gorgeous, delicious foods you are going to feed the beautiful woman you are. Write them down in a list.

Smaller, more frequent meals – what a delight! Different tastes throughout the day, that you can really savor because your hunger will be regulated. You get to enjoy every mouthful slowly and fully… and you deserve to! Drastically reducing the fat in your diet.

As you establish a lifestyle of loving self-feeding, open up to a routine of physical activities that bring you even more enjoyment. Dance, sports, walking, yoga are all within your reach, either through classes or, of work and home life demand too much of your time, videos and online lessons. Women of all sizes particularly find belly dance a body positive activity that awakens their femininity.

Getting the help you need is ultimate self love
Other conditions besides diabetes may be in play, including depression or food addiction. Expert support can help you to create a comprehensive plan to integrate all of your needs into a lifestyle of health and healing, energy, positive self image, and wisdom for you and your family. The Mind & Body Treatment and Research Institute has programs and specialists ready to provide you the compassionate, effective support you need to reach your goals.

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