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I'm left with a lot of evidence of my previous life. Jiggly/loose skin, dimples/cellulite, stretch marks, you name it... I figured I had already done the "hard part" ... losing weight. Boy was I wrong. That was the easy part IMO. The hard part is accepting what I'm left with. When it was filled up I loved myself more than my body looked. When it was left wrinkly, I loved myself more than the way my body looked. It wasn't until I started voicing my "deserving" of putting the "finishing touches" to this journey that everything started changing for me. You go in consulting for one thing and leave being picked apart at how many things are wrong with you. Truth is, nothing was wrong with me. Not my fat-filled skin, not my loose skin, not my wrinkly or dimpled skin. When you allow others to invade that space in your mind, EVERYTHING can be wrong just as anything can be right. The people that support and surround you are important BUT the thoughts that are in your mind are above all that. I'll never be perfect to everyone but the important thing is that I'm perfect to me. How can I be perfect for me? By being the best version of myself. I am where I am in this journey and I have to make every stage, every scenario, the best. Roll with the punches as they say. I say this all the time but I truly do mean it, enjoy every phase of your journey, even if it's not the one you want to be in. It does make a difference and you will be not only a better version of yourself, but a happier one too. Like weightloss, no one can give you true self love, peace and happiness but you. Not weightloss, not surgery, not anyone. Just you. . . . . Happy #transformationtuesday friends. . . #transformyourmind #transformyourlife . . . . . . . . #ketotransformation #weightlosstransformation #ketoresults #ketosuccess #weightlossresults #ketojourney #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney

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