We’re not going to keep you until the end of the article to find out what the “secret” is… as in truth, it’s not a secret.

It’s the Ketogenic Diet.

Special diets created to treat type 2 diabetes more often than not focus on weight loss, so it might come across strange that a high-fat diet solution can be an answer to diabetes.

What is the Ketogenic Diet & How does it work?

The Keto diet consists of a low-carb, high-fat diet.

The body, following a “normal” diet converts sugar into energy. The keto diet converts fat into energy. Initially created to treat epilepsy in 1924, the keto diet has come a long way.

Studies have suggested that the ketogenic diet helps to improve blood glucose (otherwise known as sugar) levels whilst reducing the need for additional insulin in the body.

“But isn’t a high-fat diet going to make me gain weight?”

Well, it would make sense logically. But in actual fact, when following the keto diet, people lose

Hold on and we’ll explain:

The keto diet does not include eating a range of saturated and unhealthy fats. (sorry to those who thought they could get away with eating their favorite fatty meal for the rest of their life)

Instead, the keto diet promotes consuming “heart healthy” fats that aid in overall health.

Here as some examples of fats consumed in the keto diet:

Fish (e.g. salmon)
Cottage Cheese
Almond Butter

And this is just a small example.

Is it right for you?

The keto diet can offer hope to many people with type 2 diabetes who find it difficult to control their varying symptoms. However, it is not for everybody.

Many people have experiencing weaker or fewer diabetic symptoms as well as reducing dependency on other medications.

On the other hand, ketogenic dieting is simply not “for” some people. You should always consult with your local physician before starting any diet and also be sure to not “yo-yo diet” as this can be very dangerous concerning diabetes.

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