Please note that before we get started with our top 3 superfoods for aiding diabetes, these superfoods should not be used to replace any existing diets or medication that you are currently on.

In no particular order, here are the:

Top 3 Superfoods for Aiding Diabetes

1 – Cannellini Beans

superfoodsStuffed with protein and cholesterol-lowering fiber, these beans have been known to lower blood sugar levels.

A 2012 study in toronto included 121 people who all suffered with type 2 diabetes and had them follow a healthy diet which included a daily cup of Cannellini beans as well as others who didn’t have the beans and just followed the diet. After three months the group that consumed the beans daily saw their average blood sugar levels fall by almost twice as much as the people just following the healthy diet.

2 – Walnuts

The most wide-spread nut tree in the world, walnuts hold a polyunsaturated fatty acid more commonly known as alpha–linolenic acid. The L-arginine, Omega 3s, fiber and vitamin E are found in walnuts. Scientists have also found them to have properties that are antioxidant, antiviral and anticancer.

These powerful benefits can therefore help stop and even reverse the progression of diseases such as diabetes.

3 – Turmeric


A spice that has helped aid the health of a lot of Indian people for around 5,000 years contains a range of benefits that can aid preventing and also reversing diabetes. Experts believe that the combined action of this spice that has been known to directly act on fat cells, pancreatic cells, kidney and even dampening inflammation of cancer-causing tumours can consequently reverse insulin resistance, high cholesterol and high blood sugar, therefore aiding various symptoms of diabetes. 

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