Type 2 Diabetes is an epidemic.

It’s time to prevent and to reverse this life-altering disease and to do this, equip our readers with the correct tools and information to do such a thing.

There are so many potential “cures” or aids to diabetes in the form of everything from pills to diets.

Often, these pills/diets can not be as effective as we first hoped for or in some cases, end up doing more bad than good for your body.

We have been searching for a tasty route to preventing type 2 diabetes / reversing the disease.

This is what we got:

Many experts believe that the recent spike in “diabesity” (obesity + diabetes) has been fueled by a desire to eating low-fat (just like we have been told in order to lose weight) and consequently leading to the over-consumption of cheap, sugar-filled, easily digestible carbs.

The surge of diets that have been promoting the low fat method have fuelled this but now it is time to change the confused opinions of many.

It’s not just the sugar that is consumed in fizzy drinks or sweets that is hurting you… it’s also the range of natural sugars in things like honey too.

The solution:

Reversing DiabetesTry a Mediterranean style of eating. A range of studies have shown that a mediterranean based diet does not only cut your risk of diabetes (if you haven’t yet got it) and heart disease but it may also help to delay dementia and even improve cognitive impairment.

Recently, women who followed a Mediterranean diet with lots of olive oil had a 68% less chance of having breast cancer over those on a low-fat diet.

Some great examples that you should include in your mediterranean based diet are as follows:

Breakfast Ideas:

Green Tea
Poached Egg
Flax seeds
Plain Yogurt
Apple Juice (small amount)

Lunch Ideas:

Spring Onions
Pistachio Nuts
Lemon Juice

Dinner Ideas:

Foil-Steamed Fish
Goat’s Cheese
Olive Oil
Red peppers
Pine Nuts

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